I live in upper East Tennessee, where the mountain are a little taller than the Kentucky foothills where I grew up. The trees and hills are in my bones, so it’s only natural that I focus my lens on what’s outside my door. Part-time in photography but full-time in life, I make time for pictures around my job at our church and home responsibilities.

My husband and I don’t have kids, though two rescue pups help our house feel fuller. I can get lost in a big book, love deep dives into new topics, and keep us gluten-free at home. Outdoor spaces help me breathe. Self-taught in photography in these last few years, I know I have much to learn; I invite you to join me as I go.

I believe creation reflects something of its nature back at its Maker. In looking at the world through the eye of the camera, I have learned a little more of the goodness of God. My hope is that my photography helps celebrate all the little hills, and the valleys and trees, as they point us upward.

All pictures on the site are taken in the southern Appalachia, and mostly in my own neighborhood. Take a look around, and maybe you’ll find something to bring into your own home! Thanks for visiting.

Lois Martin